One of the simplest, easiest, quickest and most effective methods of making money online is to add Google Adsense contextual advertising to your pages. Simply adding a snippet of code to each page send Google scurrying to find out what each page is about, and offers up related ads, for each page!

Targeted ads, combined with a healthy percentage share and ease of cutting and pasting the code equals easy money for you!

There are several books about improving your Adsense paycheques. Studies show the eye going to the left, maybe the middle, ignoring most of the far right hand side.
Another commonly used technique is to mix the ads in with the content, with no borders, so people just read down your content, over the ads 

Test different methods - my idea is right ion front of yoru face, otehrs use the hidden in the text method. having pictures above the ads increases click through rate, as does a colored background  draws attention to the ads.


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