One thing I love about Anne Curtis is that she never lets her popularity and superstardom get to her head.

Who'd expect to see a celebrity as big as her riding the MRT? Well, that's exactly what she did earlier this evening --

anne curtis mrt
Photo Credit: GoodyDoodyJoevert

Rushing to Kylie Minogue's concert happening in Araneta Coliseum, the lovely Anne Curtis took the train to avoid traffic.

That photo of her riding one of the MRT buses somehow found its way to Twitter. And in no time, MRT (Oddly enough, not Anne herself -- I'm sure she won't mind.) became a Twitter Trending Topic in the Philippines --

anne curtis mrt

TP Thoughts:

I have the biggest crush on Anne Curtis. She's just the best. I hope Anne can give a shout-out to all TP Friends! :)

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