Speed your blog 300x276 Practical tips on how to speed up your blogPart of Google’s decision in ranking your site is the time your page loads. That means that the speed of your site directly affects your search engine rankings. We all know that a good SEO campaign can rank you high on search engine results page, giving you more probability of greater traffic. Therefore, greater traffic means greater success in making money online. So the faster you site loads, the better.

Why does Google consider this? When your website loads slow, it thinks that there is something wrong on your site. Probably poor coding, or excessive unnecessary contents, and Google hates this stuffs. Here are some of my practical tips on how to speed up your blog.

Remove unnecessary plugins. Don’t just deactive your unused and unnecessary plugins, delete them. This can cause clutter to your site so remove them.I suggest to use enable WordPress Gzip Compression for WordPress Blogs. The gzip handler compresses output before it is sent to the user’s browser so the user downloads less data and the browser then processes the compressed data.Get rid of widgets and badges if it’s needless. Be wise to use these features. Remember that these things are just add-ons so use them wisely. Not unless you earn from it or for SEO purposes, remove them.Optimize your images. Avoid BMP or TIFF image formats. I usually use PNG for screenshots while JPG for photos. If possible use an application to zip the file size.Monitor your speed test. Click here

Tell us about your technique. How do your speed up your site?

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