The Inquirer published the argument of the Guttmacher Institute which clearly accused Dr. Raul Nidoy of distorting the evidence to support his personal opinion.

The Guttmacher’s letter tries to correct the misuse of its findings by Dr. Nidoy on his letter to the Inquirer, including his opinion against the artificial contraceptives including and particularly birth control pills.

What he actually does is distort the evidence to support his personal views. …

The Guttmacher pointed out:

They found the abortion rate in the Philippines would be reduced by 83 percent if all women who wanted to avoid pregnancy were able to access modern contraceptive methods and use them correctly and consistently.They also made clear that the claims that the birth control pill is abortifacient is false and a contradiction to all scientific evidence. Birth control pill does not terminate a pregnancy, but only prevents a pregnancy.They also claimed that Nidoy misrepresents the findings of the Guttmacher study “Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence” by failing to mention that the study found that in cases where abortion and contraception rose simultaneously in a given country, it was because fertility desires were falling and contraceptive use was not increasing fast enough to meet the desire for smaller families. The study also found that once fertility rates stabilized, abortion rates fell as contraceptive use continued to increase.They also accused Nidoy of ignoring the evidences that prove the positive effect of having access to the family planning services.

Dr. Raul Nidoy actually involves in pro-life movement. He is the Director of Personal Formation of Parents for Education Foundation or PAREF as what has been told in his profile page.

Talking about Pro-Life, people involve in this movement believe, if I was not mistaken, that sex should be done according to its main purpose which is for procreation. They are against to the use of artificial contraception or any means of birth control including the calendar because they interfere the natural purpose of sex, therefore, should not be used. And I think, this belief is similar to what the Roman Catholic Church teaching.

In contrary to their belief, some protestant sects and other churches, upheld the teaching of the Bible that sex is the gift of God for married couple (man and wife) not just for the procreation purposes but for the couple’s pleasure as well. They also believe that the Bible doesn’t prohibit the use of contraception considering that natural or artificial contraception is used to avoid conception but not to abort any conception.

Everybody knows that I am member of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The church has already released its official stand and support to the RH Bill. But before this, I was already expressing my support to the said bill here on this Make Money Online blog.

Well, at least I am now sure that my stand regarding the use of safe contraceptives is in accordance to the teachings of the church (INC). And it also clearly means that my spirit is still one with the spirit of the INC administration, not like what happened to a Jesuit priest in De La Salle.

A certain Fr. Bernas openly expressed his positive thoughts about the RH Bill. I don’t know if he really supported the RH Bill. But his thought about the RH Bill is in contrast to the official stand of the church he was affiliated with which is the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church until now teaches its members that the use of artificial contraception is prohibited. I was even confused to its belief that any means of artificial contraception including the use of condom are abortifacient.

I don’t know if my understanding about abortifacient is correct. For me the term abortifacient refers to something or some ways that will result to abortion. And based on what I learned from science as thought to us since elementary, life begins when the egg cell of woman has been fertilized by the sperm cell of man. So, I think, condom should not be considered abortifacient considering that condom is used to avoid the fertilization of the egg cell by the sperm cell.

But why I am supporting the RH Bill?

I know that the RH Bill still needs to be refined. However, I believe that our country needs a law on reproductive health not just for the benefit of women and children but for the whole Filipino families as well.

What about the pills and injectibles? They are abortifacient! And the RH Bill promotes these abortifacient devices!

I know that there are pills and injectibles that are abortifacient or are used for abortion. But not all pills and injectibles used for contraception are abortifacient.

Actually, my wife uses injectable contraceptive. But its use is mainly to avoid ovulation. And when there’s no ovulation, then there will be no egg cell that will be fertilized by the sperm cell. And since there is no fertilization happened, then there is no conception. Therefore, there will be no abortion.

Besides, it is clearly stated in the RH Bill that abortion is still unlawful. In other words, those abortifacient medicine and devices will not be included on the artificial contraception that will be promoted by the government to its citizens.

But isn’t it true that God told men to go to the world and multiply and fill the earth? Controlling the population growth is clearly against God’s teaching!

I don’t think that God told men “to go the world and multiply and then fill the earth” ONLY. I am reading the Bible too. And what I found here is that God told men to:

Be fruitfulMultiplyFill the EarthSubdue it

So, controlling or subduing the multiplication is also a commandment of God. But we should take note that what has been written in the Bible is just “Subdue It” not “Stop It.” In other words, we are told to control the multiplication but not to stop the multiplication.

But what should we use to control the multiplication? Of course, we should use the methods and devices that do not violate other laws and teachings of God.

For example: God told us not to kill man. So, we should not kill anyone including the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Aborting the pregnancy is an act of killing, and therefore a violation of God’s commandment.

I still have lots of things to say. And I think, I will just update this post later. I know some of the things I said here might touch your pride. I understand that everyone of us has our own opinion regarding the RH Bill and or the artificial contraceptives. And what I said here are my opinion too.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Sustines Laplana

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